Ever since its inception, Paragon Investment Holding has consistently invested or made generous contributions to worthy causes. We greatly believe in the axiom that, “To whom much is given, much is expected.” It is a position that we take with pride as we understand the position we occupy in society.

We pride ourselves in our track record of charitable contributions and donations to community development initiatives and social causes. Over the years, we have supported individuals, foundations and organizations with special needs.

So far, we have invested millions of dollars to worthy causes from subsidiaries throughout the group. We believe in targeted social investment with specific emphasize on the following:

  • Education and Sport
  • Poverty alleviation.


    Our targeted intervention in the Education sector is aimed at (a)being a partner of government it making ‘Education and Sport Development for All’ a reality and (b) assisting the underprivileged in meeting the education goals. In order to ensure that money for education development is channeled through a credible source and that it reaches its intended recipients, Paragon has partnered with the Sam Nujoma Foundation and we make all donations through the said Foundation. In the past year alone we have made donations of school material such as computers and printers to the tune of N$50 000 to the following schools:

  • Charles Namoloh Combined School,
  • Silas Ipumbu Secondary School,
  • Pendukeni Ithana Secondary School
  • John Nauta Secondary School

    Recently we donated N$350 000 towards the establishment of the Etunda School outside Otavi. This school will cater primarily for the education of the children of farm workers in the Otjozondjupa region. The school was founded by the Founding President of the Republic of Namibia, Dr. Sam Nujoma.

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    Last year Paragon Investment was approached through the Sam Nujoma Foundation to pay towards the studies of two orphaned Namibians to study towards medicine in the Peoples Republic of China. Given the critical shortage of qualified Namibian Medical Doctors in our country, Paragon did not hesitate to pay for the said cause to the tune of N$130 000. In the past we have donated generously to the following causes in education.

  • The Sam Nujoma Foundation
  • The Mose Tjitendero Foundation
  • Elijah Ngurare pre-primary school (Okahandja Park)
  • University of Namibia (School of Medicine)

    Futher supported initiative include:

  • Sam Nujoma National Endowment Fund for advancement of Mathematics and Science
  • Sam Nujoma Foundation for the Okahandja children’s home
  • The Pan African Leadership Development Institute & Foundation (PALDIF)


Social Responsibility

  • The SAN Upliftment Program through the office of the Deputy Prime Minister.
  • Paragon has also pledged N$ 100,000.00 to the Namibia Airports Company’s charitable organization of

    choice to educate individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds about aeronautics.

  • Paragon also recently sponsored the Nampol Khomas region sports team.
  • Paragon assisted a baby girl with a heart condition by paying for the full costs of medical related expenses and donated a significant amount of funds to a local high school. We understand the value of giving back to the community and we pride ourselves in being a socially conscious organization and will continues to assist causes we believe in.
  • As can be witnessed above and through some of the documented pictures enclosed herewith it is clearly evident that we are truly a partner in education through our social investment initiative.
  • As a part of our quest for sport development and the general development of our people through sport, Paragon made a generous contribution of N$25 000 to the Salute Boxing Academy. The money went towards the establishment of a new gymnasium for the academy.
  • Recently Paragon Donated N$100 000 to the Blue Boys Football Club in Mondesa, Swakopmund. The Club through the years of toil and struggling due to the lack of proper facility and playing in the Second Division (Namib League) managed to qualify for the Premier League. They needed proper equipment and gear and Paragon was happy to assist in that regard.