Our Mission

The mission of Paragon Investment Holdings is to maximise the efficiency and sustainability of our business entities and subsidiaries by zealously pursuing value added opportunities which increase the size of our company and create economies of scale and profitability for the businesses, clients and the community at large

Our Divisions

Paragon Properties
Paragon \ TBWA
Windhoek Observer
Paragon Inflight Duty Free
Paragon Oil and Gas
Paragon Seafood Products
Paragon Premium Bistro
Paragon Kutako Duty Free
Paragon Crescent Suites

Our Profile

Paragon Investment Holdings is a leading private equity and business management company with intentions of expanding into international services, trading and distribution. Paragon’s management brands include numerous specialty firms in investments, real-estate, retail, media advertising, oil & gas and food processing.

 Our Story

Our Story

From the outset in 2003, Paragon has followed its entrepreneurial spirit. For twelve years we have continued to acquire businesses and talent. Our business practices reflect our vision of creating value and building strength from business asset diversification. Know More..

Our Management

At Paragon we strive to empower our employees and encourage them to pursue opportunities on behalf of the business. Our philosophy of decentralized management, incentivisation and a sense of personal ownership has proven time and time again that empowered people achieve great things.
Lazarus Jacobs
Lazarus Jacobs
Executive Director
Desmond Amunyela
Desmond Amunyela
Executive Director

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